Adience Benchmark
Age and gender estimation
Annotated Faces in the Wild
face detection, pose estimation, face landmarks
Brainwash Dataset
Head detection
Head and person detection
Common Objects in Context
object and scene recognition
Ethnically diverse face recognition
Duke Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking Dataset
Person re-identification, multi-camera tracking
Face recognition and detection
large database with variety of metadata and fiducial points marked and descriptive attributes
Flickr Diverse Faces Dataset
Ethnically diverse face recognition dataset
FFHQ Dataset
Face synthesis
3D face recognition dataset
Google Facial Expression Classification
Facial expression classification
Humans in 3D
3d skeletons and segmented regions of people
HAPpy People
Face expression analysis
Face feature localization for recognition
IBM Diversity in Faces
Face recognition and cranio-facial analysis
IARPA Janus Benchmark C
Face recognition benchmarking
Labeled Ancestral Faces in the Wild
Labeled Face Parts in the Wild
Face recognition
Head and person detection
MS-Celeb-1M (MS1M)
Face recognition training dataset
Oxford Town Centre
Person detection, tracking
People in Photo Albums
Face recognition
QMUL UnderGround Re-IDentification Dataset
subway station cctv images for re-id in poor conditions
Social Event dEtection Dataset
social event dedection
UnConstrained College Students Dataset
Face recognition, face detection
Unconstrained Face Detection Dataset
face detection with of distractors like fog, blurr etc
Social Event Detection
VGG Face
Face recognition
Pascal VOC Dataset
Object classification
Who Goes There
The WILDTRACK Seven-Camera HD Dataset
Multi-camera person detection and tracking