Copenhagen Business School

Exposing.ai partnered with Nanna Bonde Thylstrup at the Copenhagen Business School to further develop research on the use of image training data created from "media in the wild" and its long term impact on "information supply chains".

The research is part of AI REUSE, a multi-year (2020-2024) research project funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and comprising Copenhagen Business School (Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, PI, Mikkel Flyverbom, co-PI, Kristian Bondo Hansen, Assistant Professor [from December 2020] and Teis Lebeck, student assistant and collaborator) and Durham University (Louise Amoore, co-PI). AI REUSE will develop advanced theoretical and methodological frameworks for thinking through concepts and practices of reuse of data and algorithms in AI / machine learning (ML) systems and the ethical and political questions these reuse processes give rise to. Based on this work AI REUSE will develop strategies and recommendations that can help the Danish public sector make responsible decisions in relation to ML systems. For more information please click here.

More information at AI REUSE: https://www.cbs.dk/en/knowledge-society/strategic-areas/business-in-society-platforms/digital-transformations-platform/events/rethinking-data-reuse